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10 Great Fitness Marketing Strategies for 2019

What can fitness marketing do for your club? Getting a consistent stream of new members is a challenge for any club. It doesn’t have to be.

About 1 out of 7 UK citizens are members of a gym. That number continues to climb, giving you a lot of opportunities to grow your club.

However, with that growth comes increased competition as more people are seeing the opportunity to build a profitable business.

Read on to learn how you can implement the top fitness marketing strategies in your club.

1. Create Your Target Market

In order to implement these fitness marketing strategies, you have to build a solid foundation. That’s what the first two marketing strategies focus on.

You need to know who you’re marketing to. That includes gender, age, income, occupation, and where they live.

You also need to dig deeper to understand their motivations. This will help you create ads and messages that will resonate with your target market. Do they look for weight loss, community, or support? You need to understand

Geographically speaking, to get people to your facility, you need to know how far they’ll travel to work out. One recent report noted that people who live within 4 miles of their gym would go more often than those who lived more than five miles away.

2. What Makes Your Gym Special

When you understand the motivations behind why someone would want to join a gym, you have to explain why they should become a member of your facility.

That’s your unique selling proposition. Your club might be less expensive or you have the best trainers. Whatever it is, you need to constantly hammer those points home in your marketing efforts.

3. Community Outreach

Since you’re working in a small geographic area, one way to differentiate yourself is to have a connection with your community.

You can join local chambers of commerce or sponsor a youth football club. If your target area has a lot of flats nearby, you can reach out to the building managers. Offer their tenants an exclusive gift or discount for joining your club.

You’re showing people that you’re a part of the local community and you care about what happens locally. That can be a big plus, especially when you consider the number of large gyms that view their members as numbers.

4. Direct Mail

Direct mail is often viewed as an antiquated marketing strategy. It may be an old way of doing things, but it still works.

Direct mail can be an effective use of your marketing budget because you can reach your target market easily. If you target women within five miles of your location, you can reach them with ease.

5. Are You Maximising Revenue Opportunities?

Do you know what your revenue is per square foot? Chances are you can improve that number.

Think of ways you can maximise revenue from existing members. Maybe you can add small group training or a small retail section in your club.    

6. Customer Retention is a Marketing Strategy

It costs much more to obtain a new member than to retain your existing membership. Your job is to create a great member experience starting when members walk in the door for a tour.

That happens with constant and personalised communication. The more engaged your members are, the more likely they’ll stay.

For example, if you notice that a member hasn’t been to the club lately, pick up the phone and call them. This creates a warmer, personal relationship that translates into loyal members.

7. Follow Up is the Key to Winning

In both client retention and sales, following up is the key to building a club. If you don’t follow up, people have no reason to join your club or stay there.

8. SEO

When people are ready to join a gym, the first thing they do is look online for gyms in the area. In order to stand a chance, you need to at least be on the first page of search results.

Ideally, you want to be in the top three because that’s where the majority of clicks go.

9. PPC Ads

A lot of these marketing strategies take time to build. You know that 21-day diets don’t really work, so why would you expect to see huge gains in 21 days of marketing your gym?

One way to build up your membership while you’re building up your marketing is to invest in PPC ads.

Instead of waiting on your organic search results to show you at the top, you can bid your way to the top of search results. You do need to be prepared to invest in PPC ads. Fitness is competitive, and bidding on keywords can add up.

10. Social Media

Fitness and social media seem like a match made in heaven. You can’t hop on Facebook or Instagram without seeing fit pros show their workouts or give diet advice.

You don’t need to be on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at the same time. Pick one or two channels based on your target audience, and get really good at them.

Since fitness is so competitive on social media, it’s crucial to have your USP down and use that as a way to build your audience Once you build up an audience, you can take it a step further with advertising.

Master Few Marketing Strategies

The same way you’d tell your members that consistency is the key to losing weight, consistency is the key to fitness marketing success.

There are countless ways to reach people to get them to become members. The key is to do a few marketing strategies and do them well.

Become a master at them and be consistent. It may be slow like weight loss, but a little progress every day adds up.

Fitness Marketing Strategies That Work

Fitness marketing is a balance between bringing new members to your club and retaining your current members. When you do that well, you will grow your membership and club’s revenue.

When you get those members in the door, you’re going to need a system to help you manage them.

ManageMyClub has everything you need to help you manage your entire operations. Finances, documents, membership information and payments are all done in one place.

For more information, contact us for a demo to see how ManageMyClub can help your gym grow.

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