8 signs club management software

8 Signs Your Group Needs Club Management Software

Trying to grow your club? Stop relying solely on pen and paper. The solution you need is a group management software.

Creating a proper membership model is crucial. It lets you boost your business and increase your revenue.

If you made the right move, you’re likely getting larger memberships. If you have management software for clubs, you’re likely outpacing its value.

Do you need a new club management software? You likely need one but don’t know it yet. Here are 8 signs to check if you need one now.

1. Reporting and Analytics is A Nightmare

Is it getting hard to pull out all the membership reports? Does your current group management software making you pay to generate reports? Labour can get expensive when you need consistent status reports.

Difficulty accessing reports is a big problem. What’s the point in having data that you can’t use? If it’s taking you too much time to produce a single report, it’s time to move to new software for clubs.

Your software needs robust data reporting and analytics capability to handle your needs. Even so, you need to make sure that not everyone has access.

The membership data that you have is crucial to keep your business running. Putting it in everyone’s hands puts you into jeopardy of identity theft and other forms of data breach. You want data that is secure from any intrusions.

2. Onboarding Is Troublesome

Every membership needs onboarding of new people on the club.

Teach them how to make the best of their rewards? Showing them around the system? Onboarding should not be hard to do.

Are you struggling with the onboarding? Does it take time for you to help your new members get familiar with the program? Then you need to change.

Management software for clubs needs to be easy to use, with easy onboarding. It should not take more than a few steps to set up new accounts, set gift programs, and even promos.

3. Limited Memberships

Many group management software use the freemium model. This provides great flexibility for small business who are starting out. There are many features out of the gate.

The problem? Many of these software for clubs have a very low limit for memberships. If you are growing, you don’t want something that gives you a very low threshold to your max members.

Many paid management software have stable membership limits. You need to get something that fits your business.

Your software needs to be scalable to your growth. It has to match your limits as your business flourishes.

4. Easy Add, Edit, and Delete

Removing old, unusable entries is crucial in owning management software for clubs.

During maintenance and inventory, here’s the thing. You would want to add or remove entries from the database. You also want to create a data integrity report.

If you want to perform data maintenance, your group management software should make this easy.

A good management software lets you add, edit and delete with ease. It should allow you to create functional hierarchies for different levels in your staff. The software should also give you a way to purge data points and even set old information for archiving.

5. Pen And Paper Won’t Cut It

If you don’t have group management software, it’s crucial that you start using one. Staying to use forms, pens, and paper is not a problem if you only have a handful of members. If you get more, you’ll start having problems for sure.

Keeping forms creates many different issues for your club. You’re not holding your customer information safe, which puts your business and your customers’ data in harm’s way. It also prevents you from creating complex reports, projections, and analytics.

You want management software that can save and encrypt your user information. This is protecting them from data breach and your business from membership poaching. You also afford yourself a chance to market to them through mobile phone and emails.

6. Registration is a Mess

There’s difficulty in onboarding people to your system, then there’s handling the booking itself. Booking is one of the biggest headaches. You may have experience in:

  • pulling your hair adding so many entries
  • losing sleep with late night registrations
  • members calling for renewal at weird hours

If this is a familiar scene for you, there is software for clubs that automates the entire process. These can provide time-saving features that allow everything from self-signup to mobile booking.

7. Membership Fees Are Hard To Get

Membership payment tends to be a part of a club owner’s headaches. Awkward late payments and annoying bartering become a common issue. Do you still want that or do you want to get away from payment chases?

Management software for clubs tends to have a way to create automated payments with customers. You can achieve these at different intervals, from monthly, quarterly to even annual. No awkward talks, no need to keep the chase.

8. No Software Support Or Updates

The last thing you want is to have outdated software in a few years. You will be spending good money on your group management software, so you want to make sure you get the newest features and consistent updates.

You want your management software to provide updates when needed without extra payments. You’d also want good, consistent support. When your system goes down, you want your provider to be there and give you prompt customer care.

Why You Need A Robust Club Management Software

If your business is growing, the need for management software for clubs is crucial for you to sustain your business. It needs to be robust, scalable and can meet your needs.

You want a club management software that can take care of your business needs. What you need is Manage My Club.

We can help you from build your small club and help you grow further.

Member management shouldn’t be hard. We’re here to make sure you don’t get problems with your membership.

Talk to us at Manage My Club and see how our management software can help you grow as a business.

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