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How to Boost Club Membership With Gym Management Software

You’ve got a fully running gym business. Congrats! But you may have noticed that membership numbers are not where you want them.

Or, the numbers are solid, but now you don’t have the time or personnel available to cater to your current members while still growing the business.

That’s a fairly common problem for membership-driven businesses like gyms.

You need to constantly find mechanisms and strategies for getting people to sign up. And you also need ways to entice them to maintain their memberships.

It’s a challenge, we know!

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll go over the ways in which utilising gym membership software can be the perfect way to boost membership.

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Membership Numbers Can Be Scary!

One symptom that you are in need of gym membership software is that you are afraid of the potential for growth in your membership.

Not because you don’t want to succeed, but because you realise the increased level of administrative work that will also be necessary isn’t something you’re prepared for.

Maybe you’re the spreadsheet type. Or even the old school pen and paper type. Either way, you’d quickly be spread thin if your membership increased a certain amount.

At a certain point, you need to switch to a system that is automated, like software, and not manually entered and maintained, like paper or spreadsheets.

Think about the math behind it. If you are spending even one hour a day on administrative tasks to deal with 25 of your members. What happens if you get to 50 members? 100 members? Do you suddenly have four hours to spend on it?

Probably not. Gym membership software is the first step to automating and streamlining your admin process, so you can focus on the more human-centric aspects of the business.

Booking Is A Hassle

Managing your booking process can be enough to drive you mad.

If you are relying on an outdated method of booking memberships or training sessions, you probably have a lot of stress related to that process.

Maybe you use text or Whatsapp for booking, or even go by phone calls and a pen and pad.

And last minute cancellations are enough to make you pull your hair out.

Fortunately, with gym membership software, there are automated processes for all booking types.

They often include the capability for self-signup, mobile booking, and easy cancellations.

Some also offer push notification messaging, online booking and integration of schedules. And an automated waiting list process!

Gimme My Money!

Not everybody pays on time. That’s a reality you probably know all too well, right?

And chasing down payments from members in person is awkward, annoying, and a waste of your time.

And since the culture of your gym is something you’ve worked hard to cultivate, you don’t want to put a negative vibe out there for members because you’re constantly asking them to pay their bills.

And at the same time, like any business, you need payments to be made on time, and in full.

Well, gym software can help!

Not only can they set (and pay for) specific class or trainer bookings through an app, but they can also begin membership through the software or app as well.

They’ll be able to create a member profile, with stored credit card information, so that payment happens automatically.

Membership payments will be done automatically for any member that signs up for a recurring monthly (or yearly, etc.) plan. So you’ll never have to tap them on the shoulder while they’re on the treadmill to ask about money!

Communication is Key

Email is great for certain types of communication. But the reality is, not everyone constantly checks it anymore. People are much more likely to pay attention to the notifications on their mobile screens.

Not to mention the fact that with increased mail filtering, the odds of your gym’s emails being accidentally swept up into members’ junk mail folder is a lot higher than it used to be.  

And since the last thing you want to do is have members show up for a class that was moved or cancelled, it’s crucial to have a notification system in place that will actually get through to your members.

That’s where gym management software comes in. If you have a mobile app, members can receive push notifications on their phones for real-time gym related updates.

You can alert them to promotions, time and location changes of classes, cancellations, and any other time or date sensitive information.

This will reduce your instances of no-shows. It also helps build a sense of trust and reliability in your gym and the way it operates, which is encouraging to members.

Gym Membership Software Gives you Accurate Numbers!

When you run a gym, there are essential numbers you need to have instant access to. These include:

  • New signups per month
  • Membership losses per month
  • Most popular and least popular trainers
  • Most popular and least popular classes
  • How many members the gym currently has

Odds are decent that you don’t know these off the top of your head. And since they change frequently, you shouldn’t expect to constantly update them in your head or in your spreadsheet.

If you get gym management software that has reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to access these types of numbers at the press of a button.

That can save you time and money in tracking the numbers, and can ultimately save you even more as you make adjustments based on the reporting.

Game Changer

By now it should be pretty obvious that using gym management software is vital to the modern day gym owner.

It’s an efficient and more accurate way of tracking your numbers, your membership dues, and your class booking.

It also helps with communication with your members.

If you want to learn more about it, as well as see how our software might be perfect for your gym, be sure to contact us today!

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