New Website and Blog

Welcome to the new look website and blog!

Along with the launch of the new website, we’ve also made a slight change to the main app URL. To login to the site now, simply go to or click on the login link in the top navigation bar.

Recent Service Outage

Unfortunately, just after we launched the new website, our DNS provider had a network issue that caused our main website to become unavailable.

The issue was that the DNS settings change that we made wouldn’t save, so we couldn’t revert the site back to the old version, so it was “in limbo” for around an hour and a half.

Luckily a DNS update we made the other day was already set so users could login at the new app URL mentioned above, just not via the main website.

It was an unfortunate chain of events and was made worse by the fact that for the new website to go live we had to update our DNS settings, and we couldn’t until our DNS provider had fixed their issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused but it was out of our control.