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Top 9 Benefits of Using Membership Management Software

Being a part of a sports club has major physical and mental benefits for adults.

It’s a great way to make friends with like-minded people. You’ll also get in better shape when competing against people trying to kick your butt.

However, running a club can also be a huge pain in your butt as well.

Organising club dues and scheduling events for a large group of people can be very frustrating. If a club isn’t run with efficiency, then it’s at risk to not survive.

That’s why you need to invest in membership management software.

Whether your club golfs, runs, swims, or dances, you want to be able to give your all to that sport. Don’t let the day-to-day demands of running a club run you ragged.

How can membership management software save you time and money? Here are nine surprising benefits to consider.

1. Keep Your Members’ Info Secure and Safe

Today, all club databases are run online. This is the best way to collect all your members’ info and keep it current. However, with all this private information online you risk exposing your members to fraud.

With online club management software, you can be sure that all your members’ information will be kept safe and secure. This software has state of the art authentication and encryption for access. You and your members can rest easy knowing that nobody can hack your club.

2. Help Build Your Community 

A successful club should do more than get people together to play sports. Your club should help build the community around you. Member management software allows you to add additional forums and message boards in your club’s portal.

These message boards can be used to post handy information like job openings and health tips. Help grow the conversation away from sports in your club. You could actually make a stronger community in the process!

3. You Can Customise Your Database

Your member database is your club’s lifeblood. This is where you can stay current on your member’s needs and their status with the association. This software lets you customise the database so it works perfectly for you.

Your member fields can be organised to only post necessary information. If you have a staff for your club this also makes it easier to find vital member info. This is your club, shouldn’t your database work for you?

4. Plan Events With Ease

Trying to get everyone in your club to agree on specific dates for events can be a nightmare. This club is a hobby and probably not everyone’s top priority. That’s why having a public calendar is paramount to a club’s success.

Members can receive automatic notifications when event dates are set. You can also offer them a chance to vote on the best date for them.

Your club is worthless if all the members aren’t there to participate. Online calendars on membership management software will ensure everyone is on the same page.  

5. Process Payments Quickly

Your club can’t keep running if members don’t pay their dues. It can be difficult to find the perfect payment processing system for you. Membership management software cuts out the middle man and helps you process dues more quickly.

There may be other payments your members need to make. Registration for a match or tickets to a game are some examples. This software also allows members to easily pay for every expense that arises.

6. Your Membership Renewals Become Automatic

One of the most difficult tasks in running a club is tracking the renewals of memberships. Whether you have an annual, bi-annual, or even monthly membership cycle, it can be tough to figure out who is in and who is out.

This can be equally annoying for your members who may forget when dues are actually due. For this reason, both you and your members will love membership management software. With options like automatic renewals, you can cut out a lot of the membership guesswork.

Let your members set and forget their memberships. They’ll appreciate having one less worry in their busy lives.

7. Lets You Offer Promos To Loyal Members

If members have been a part of your club for years, they deserve to be rewarded. Membership management software allows you to give promos and discounts to your most loyal club members.

These softwares can also be used to incentivise people to work harder on goals. You can create spirited competition in your club that ranks people’s progress. Then you can offer further discounts to whoever wins these competitions.

When people raise their game your club can only grow stronger.

8. More Detailed Profiles for Members

As a club owner, you want to know as much as possible about all your members. Membership software allows you to have the most detailed member profiles possible.

Stats like event attendance, connections between other members, and membership levels are key, “need to know” info. This software will instantly allocate it to the members’ profile. It’s less work for you and a way to better know your members.

9. Make Things Easier For Your Members

In order to keep your members happy, you need to make sure your club is very user-friendly. People want to be able to figure out where and when to meet with ease. Any hiccups in club services could result in loss of members.

That’s why you need this software to simplify your members on and offline experiences with your club. Reward your club members with convenience and they’ll pay you back with their loyalty.

Your Sports Club Needs Membership Management Software

With membership management software you can avoid a lot of the hassle of running a club. It leaves you and your members more time to play the sport you love.

Isn’t that why you started your club in the first place? For more information on this software contact us and we’ll take care of all your needs!

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