Version 1.10.8

The following updates have been made recently:


Member Import
The import routine now creates sessions that aren’t in the system already.

Version 1.10.7 26/10/2016

Bank reconciliation
When reconciling statement transactions that are lower than the invoice amount, you can now create an expense for the difference automatically.

Version 1.10.6 25/10/2016

Event Invoices
When an event invoice is created, the “due date” is now automatically set for 7 days after the event date.

Bug fix
When reconciling bank statements, the selection boxes and date pickers now function as expected.

Version 1.10.4 02/09/2016

New permission added
There is now a permission for “Delete Members”.

Version 1.10.3 19/08/2016

Bug fix
Bank reconciliation
When you reconcile against an invoice, the account code is now correctly assigned to the income.

Version 1.10.2 01/08/2016

Email Blacklist
You can now remove members from the email blacklist.

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