Version 1.14.6

The following updates were made recently:

Email Logo
If you have uploaded your club logo, it is now displayed in your emails sent out.

Version 1.14.5 16/07/2018

You can now create a workflow that fires when an invoice is generated for your monthly MMC fees.

Club Logo
Your club logo is now shown on the event confirm pages.

Version 1.14.3 12/07/2018

When sending emails, inactive members are no longer included.

When creating invoices, inactive members are no longer included.

Version 1.14.1 09/07/2018

Standard Reports
Standard reports now include a header containing the report options that were selected.

Version 1.14.0 26/06/2018

Club Events
Bug fix – Invoices are no longer created when members confirm their attendance if you have the “Invoicing” feature switched off.

Club Events
Event fee field is no longer visible if you have the “Invoicing” feature switched off.

Version 1.13.8 18/06/2018

Bug fix – the CC and BCC options are now accessible when composing emails.

Version 1.13.7 05/06/2018

Product Options
Bug fix – You can now add product options as expected.

Version 1.13.6 23/05/2018

Event Emails
Bug fix – you can now select an email template and attach documents as expected.

Version 1.13.5 22/05/2018

Waiting List
Bug fix – In some circumstances, you weren’t able to select an email template when sending an email to your waiting list.

Version 1.13.4 17/05/2018

Bug fix – The “Invoices” tab when viewing a member is now hidden if you don’t have permission to view invoices.

Version 1.13.3 08/05/2018

Club Groups
New field added for club groups – “Notes”.

Version 1.13.2 02/05/2018

You can now view your MMC invoices under the finances menu.

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