Version 1.15.2

The following updates were made recently:

Help Centre
Migrated the help centre to a new system.

Version 1.15.1 01/08/2018

Direct Debit Payments
You can now pay your monthly MMC fees via direct debit. To set this up, go to “Finances > MMC Invoices” and click on the “Setup direct debit” button.

Version 1.15.0 24/07/2018

Incident Book
The following new fields were added:

  • Members Involved 
  • Where the incident happened 
  • Advice or treatment given 
  • Consequences 
  • Member’s parents informed

You can now send club emails without the need for us to setup a club email address for you.

Version 1.14.8 18/07/2018

Added new fields for consents for GDPR.

Club Events
Bug fix – You can now select the event colour, start and end time as expected.

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