Version 1.16.5

The following updates were made today:

Member Export
The new consent fields are now included in the members export report.

Saved Reports
You can now export saved reports in Excel format as well as CSV format.

Header Colour
If you change the colour of the header, your selected colour is now reflected on the event confirm page and view invoice page.

When you click on the help icon at the top right of the header, a popup now opens containing relevant help articles for the page you are on.

View Member Page
Slight improvements to the field layout and headings.

Custom Fields
You can now set up to 4 custom field groups per member.

Waiting List
When converting a waiting list member to a full member, the custom fields are now also copied over.

Saved Reports
Member’s “Groups” field is now available.

Todo Lists
New feature added. Members can now add todo lists for themselves via their dashboard.

View Members
If you enter a phone number in the “Home” or “Mobile” number fields, they will become clickable on mobile devices so you can call them.

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