Version 1.21.4

The following updates were made recently:

Waiting List
When you convert a waiting list member to a full member, the “notes” field is now copied across.

When you send email, the system now logs delivery reports against the member so you can see when the email was delivered.

The dates in PDF invoices are now a consistent format e.g. 29 Mar 2019.
Bug fix – When paying your MMC invoices via card, discounts are now correctly applied.
If you have an event deadline set, the invoice due date will now be the same as that deadline date.

Invoice Payments
Bug fix – When a payment is already recorded against an invoice, and a member pays the remainder via card, the correct amount is now posted in the payments section.

Club Events
You can now move the confirm link to anywhere in your event email.
Bug fix – The system now correctly places the confirm link in the email when you don’t have an address set for the event.
There is now a count of how many members and volunteers have been invited to an event.
The event closing date is now set to 11:59pm on the actual day when confirming event attendance.

Email Addresses
Bug fix – There was a bug allowing you to enter invalid email addresses when updating member accounts.

Attendance Sheets
When printing attendance sheets, there is now a larger gap to write the date.

Club Kit Orders
The member’s age has been added to the orders page.
New order status added – Waiting Payment.

Who’s Who
New field added to member details – Who’s Who Info.

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