Version 1.9.6

The following updates have been made recently:

Version 1.9.6 27/04/2016

Club Events
You can now set a closing date for entries.

Version 1.9.525/04/2016

Club Events
You can now set the max members for a club event and the system will not let anyone enter the event when that number has been reached.

Version 1.9.4 01/03/2016

Email Blacklist
Added new email blacklist report.

Version 1.9.3 03/12/2015

Creating Invoices
You can now invoice multiple groups at once.

Version 1.9.2 16/10/2015

Bug Fix
In active members are no longer listed in in groups.

Bug Fix
In active members are no longer listed when adding members to events.

Version 1.9.0 28/09/2015

Bug Fix – Inbox
You can now successfully save draft emails.

Email Templates
You can now delete email templates.

Bug Fix – Import
When importing members, you can now add them to more than one group.

Version 1.8.7 02/06/2015

Bug Fix
Documents attached to members were not displaying on the member’s page.

Version 1.8.6 26/05/2015

Bug Fix – Inbox
The compose email button wasn’t showing on laptops with a certain resolution.

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